CP #935, School #C2565


A Pro Defensive Driving course completion certificate may also make you eligible for a discount on the liability portion of your automobile insurance valid for up to three years.


This discount can be 10% or more. Please contact your local agent for specific participation information.


All course completion certificates come with both a court copy and an insurance copy giving you the maximum benefit from your course.





The State of Texas allows residents to dismiss a single traffic ticket every once a year by taking a defensive driving course. This course is TDLR approved. That means it is accepted by courts in Texas state-wide.


Almost all municipal court judges and justices of the peace stipulate that you must contact the court prior you take the defensive driving course for ticket dismissal.  Please obtain the court's approval before you begin.


Also, to be eligible for ticket dismissal, Texas law requires the following:  You must not possess a Commercial Driver's License and you must plead no contest or guilty to the citation.

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